Get in Gear Half Marathon

Minneapolis, Minnesota

MN 09009 RR

Course: Start E on Godfrey Pky, continue N on W River Rd, angle left onto ramp to Lake St Bridge, E over bridge, S on Mississippi River Blvd N, under Ford Pky bridge and continue S on Miss River Blvd, departing from the 10k route at this point. Go over 7th St (Minn 5) into the eastbound lanes of Shepard Road. Just past Rankin St, cross the grass median and return in the westbound lanes back to Miss River Blvd and then to the Ford Bridge. Turn half-right onto the ramp up to the Ford bridge, W over the bridge using only the S lane of Ford Pky and then 46th St. Turn S on 46th Ave, then W on Godfrey Pky, finishing at the start line.


Cones are required along Ford Pky & 46th St to keep runners in the S lane. Course was measured along the shortest route that a runner could take while staying between the curbs of the road. Runners leaving the road to use the trails may be disqualified. Points are marked in fluorescent red paint.


Measured Points:


Start:         S side Godfrey Pky 12.73 m (41 ft 9 in) W of lamp post just W of E entrance to W (large) parking lot. Shared with 10k.


Mile 1:       W side W River Pky between driveways to 4148 & 4164 Edmund Blvd.


Mile 2:       E side W River Pky 4 m (13 ft) N of S end of wooden fence between the two paved trails. Near jct Edmund Blvd & 34th St. Yellow paint.


Mile 3:       W side Miss River Blvd N, 21 m (69 ft) S of fireplug at 142.


5k:             E side Miss River Blvd N between S driveway for 88 and N driveway for 84.


Mile 4:       E side Miss River Blvd S, 16 m (52 ft) S of sidewalk for 176.


Mile 5:       E side Miss River Blvd S, 11 m (36 ft) N of fireplug across from S entrance to Scenic Overlook, which is across from Temple of Aaron at about 616.


Mile 6:       W side Miss River Blvd S, 12 m (39 ft) N of 3rd lamp post N of N entrance to overlook with Egyptian sculpture at SW corner of Ford plant.


Mile 7:       W side Miss River Blvd S, 3 m (10 ft) N of storm grate N of driveway for 1696.


Mile 8:       Eastbound lanes of Shepard Rd, 7 m (23 ft) E of 3rd lamp post (in the median) E of Davern.


Turn:         Median of Shepard Rd, 6.96 m (22 ft 10 in) W of W edge of 2nd lamp post E of Rankin, not counting the lamp post which is right at Rankin. Lamp posts are in the median.


Mile 9:       Westbound lanes of Shepard Rd, 22 m (72 ft) W of W edge of driveway for Shepard Rd Office Park, which is just W of Rankin.


Mile 10:     Westbound lanes of Shepard Rd, 4 m (13 ft) E of E end of guard rail which guards large sign standard "Mississippi River Blvd" and "West 5 Only."


Mile 11:     E side Miss River Blvd, 12 m (39 ft) N of driveway for 1544.


Mile 12:     E side Miss River Blvd, 7 m (23 ft) S of sidewalk adjacent tall brick chimney W of road.


Mile 13:     N side Godfrey Pky 1 m (3 ft) E of W edge of 1st storm drain grate W of W exit to NE parking lot.


Finish:       Same as start. Shared with 5k & 10k.



Measured April 11, 2009

Don Wright


Get in Gear Half Marathon



Measurement Certificate MN 09009 RR