SYLOG System Integrity for HP 1000

SYLOG provides a mechanism for intercepting messages directed to the system console LU1 and redirecting them to a file or another device. It can compare a received message with configurable masks, taking different actions depending on the message. It can delete idle sessions after a timeout and defeat logon attempts by someone guessing at names and passwords.

2 Logs The log file can be a conventional RTE file or a self-maintaining push-down file which never grows.

Alarm Specified "alarm" messages may be displayed to a manager's terminal in addition to the log file.

Console The system console may be used as a normal terminal with no annoying messages interrupting its screens.

Posted Logged messages are always posted to the screen immediately, to provide maximum diagnostic information in the event of a system failure.

Sessions Inactive sessions can be automatically logged off after a timeout which can be defined differently for each terminal.

Hacker Unauthorized "hacker" logon attempts can be detected, defeated, and logged.

Hooks User hooks permit you to write your own program to respond to any specific event.

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