CONNECT Communications for HP 1000

CONNECT is a general-purpose multiuser virtual-terminal and data communications program for HP 1000 computers running either RTE-A or RTE-6/VM. It uses your B, C, or D-MUX for I/O to the remote computer or device, through a wire line or modem. It provides a "logical switch" (passthrough) to allow your terminal to connect directly to the remote. It can send files to the remote or receive files from it, with or without error checking.

Transparent Fully transparent virtual-terminal connection to the remote computer.

Kermit KERMIT file transfer protocol for exchange of ASCII or binary files.

Modem Hardwired connections, or modem with autodial and a detailed modem connection log.

HP1000 Preserves HP 1000 file type, size, and update date when transferring to another HP 1000.

Automatic Command-file script language permits automatic, unattended logon and file transfer.

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Last updated November 7, 2014